Happy Man

A man, dressed in a white and black shirt. He is wearing a white or gray shirt over his shoulders and a darker shirt underneath. The background is blurry and without detail, placing emphasis on the person in the foreground.


Two individuals are dancing on a beam that extends from the top of the Älvsborgsbron (Älvsborg Bridge). The person closest to the edge appears to be sliding or losing balance, while the other is reaching out to try to pull them back to safety. Below them is a sweeping view of Gothenburg with buildings, roads, and boats in the water. The sky is cloudy and threatening, adding to the intense mood of the moment.


An man is wearing a dark, textured sweater and has dark hair. The background is monochromatic and neutral, giving focus to the person in the foreground.


Woman with long hair. The background is dark and blurry, drawing focus to the person in the foreground.


A rainy night scene with two individuals on a cobblestone street. Street lamps illuminate the wet cobblestones, creating reflections. The rain visibly falls, adding a dramatic effect to the scene. The background shows buildings along the street, but the details are blurred due to the focus on the foreground and the rain.

Rain in Night


A person is jumping between two buildings against a backdrop of the Avenyn, Gothenburg. In black and white, the individual is captured in the air, just as they leap from one roof to another, creating a sense of motion and danger. The buildings have classical architecture with detailed patterns and structures. Below the buildings, a lively streetscape is visible with cars, trams, and pedestrians moving about. The city silhouette stretches beyond the buildings with various types of houses and trees visible; it appears to be a busy urban environment. The sky is filled with clouds that are backlit, producing an unearthly glow.

Aveny Gothenburg

A man dressed in a hat and suspenders, with a bright background. The person is wearing a dark hat and white suspenders that cross over the chest. There is a piece of jewelry around the person's neck. The background is bright and shadowy, giving the picture a dramatic appearance.

Sunny day indoors

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