An extravagant spread of various luxurious dishes and drinks, with dramatic lighting.

De sju dödssynderna

Three individuals with bare upper bodies engaged in a close embrace in a dance. They are wearing white trousers. The background is filled with a smoky or cloudy texture with various shades of gray.

Dust to dust

Lynx Ensemble

A group of people is in a festive environment. They are dressed in clothes that suggest an earlier era, possibly the 1920s. The background is a richly decorated indoor setting with dark wood tones and red draperies. Chandeliers and other light sources give the image a warm tone. The people seem to be engaged in dance or other festive activity, with flowers and other decorations visible in the background.


A mysterious and enchanting scene. At the center stands a figure dressed in a gown made from moss and plants. The person is located in an abandoned and decaying greenhouse, which is covered in greenery.


Three individuals stand on a dark, foggy street within a historical setting. Their attire reflects the style of the 19th century. On the left, a woman dons a dress; to the right, a man is dressed in a suit, with a child in more casual, relaxed clothing in the middle. The backdrop reveals a dim, mist-filled lane flanked by historical buildings and street lamps casting a faint glow. A horse and carriage are further discernable in the background, indicating the scene represents a previous era. The atmosphere is somber and mystifying, amplified by the dim light and the shadows enveloping the figures and structures.


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