A group of people is in a festive environment. They are dressed in clothes that suggest an earlier era, possibly the 1920s. The background is a richly decorated indoor setting with dark wood tones and red draperies. Chandeliers and other light sources give the image a warm tone. The people seem to be engaged in dance or other festive activity, with flowers and other decorations visible in the background.


Mama I’m Coming Home

Three individuals with bare upper bodies engaged in a close embrace in a dance. They are wearing white trousers. The background is filled with a smoky or cloudy texture with various shades of gray.

Dust to dust

An extravagant spread of various luxurious dishes and drinks, with dramatic lighting.

De sju dödssynderna

A group of people in various poses, surrounded by large clouds of sand against a dark background. The group is dressed in neutral colors, mostly beige and brown. Some individuals are jumping up, while others are bending or extending their arms. The thick cloud of sand creates a dramatic effect, and the background is dark, strongly contrasting with the bright clouds and the clothing of the individuals. There is no distinct environment; the focus is entirely on the people and the swirling sand.

Dancers in Sand


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