a close-up of a horse's head wearing a bridle, featuring out-of-focus outdoor surroundings in the background. These atmospheric images bring forth the raw beauty of the equine subject in a beautiful, natural setting.




The moment when a water drop hits a calm water surface. A splash is created by the impact, with small water droplets spreading upwards. There is a bright light source behind the splash, illuminating the droplets and creating a glowing effect. The surrounding environment is calm and peaceful with subdued colors, which highlights the brightness of the light source. The light's reflection on the water surface creates a path leading to the splash.


A nighttime scene where a person is standing in front of a body of water, holding a burning torch high. The sky is dark with stars and clouds, and there are palm trees in the background. Under the water surface, you can see piranhas and aquatic plants. The photo is interesting because it shows a contrast between the fiery torch above the water and the calm underwater environment.

Fristad – Piranhas

An indoor scene from the early 1900s featuring two individuals dressed in period-appropriate clothing. One person is seated at the foot of an elegant staircase, clutching an umbrella, while the other stands higher up on the stairs with luggage near them. Vintage suitcases are scattered around the area, and the walls are festooned with floral patterns and artwork. The scene gives the impression of a hotel reception with rich history.

Grand Hotel

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