A person standing on a homemade raft in the middle of a body of water, which appears to be the sea. The raft is made of what looks like wooden planks and barrels. The person is wearing dark trousers, a jacket, and shoes. Above, the sky is partly cloudy with sunlight streaming through the clouds, creating a dramatic effect.

Fristad – Shipwreck

A nighttime scene where a person is standing in front of a body of water, holding a burning torch high. The sky is dark with stars and clouds, and there are palm trees in the background. Under the water surface, you can see piranhas and aquatic plants. The photo is interesting because it shows a contrast between the fiery torch above the water and the calm underwater environment.

Fristad – Piranhas

A scene by a lake with mountains in the background. There is a car parked on a gravel beach, and several people seem to be busy unloading the car. A man is walking towards the water, and two women are standing next to the car's open trunk. It's sunny weather with a few clouds, which gives a soft light over the scene, a ship can be seen in the distance on the water. It appears to be a relaxing day outdoors with friends.

Stena Line Road trip

A stage and band members. The picture is taken from behind the stage, giving a view of the band members performing and the audience in front of them. A keyboard player stands in the foreground, playing his instrument; his face is obscured by a gray rectangle. Two more band members are visible; one is standing at the microphone stand, and the other has their arms stretched out towards the audience. The audience consists of many people, their silhouettes clearly visible against the light from the stage illumination.

Elektron on Stage

A man, dressed in a white and black shirt. He is wearing a white or gray shirt over his shoulders and a darker shirt underneath. The background is blurry and without detail, placing emphasis on the person in the foreground.



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