A black and white portrait of a woman. She wears a studded leather jacket, which gives off a rock-and-roll style. Her hair is long and in light in color, cascading over her shoulders. Her hands rest on a table, adorned with bracelets and rings, enhancing the style of her outfit. The background is completely black, accentuating the subject.


The woman in the picture is wearing a necklace and has her hair up. In black and white, the image offers a timeless and artistic expression. The background is blurred and nonspecific, drawing the viewer's focus to the person in the foreground. A detailed necklace worn around the person's neck adds a touch of elegance.


A rainy night scene with two individuals on a cobblestone street. Street lamps illuminate the wet cobblestones, creating reflections. The rain visibly falls, adding a dramatic effect to the scene. The background shows buildings along the street, but the details are blurred due to the focus on the foreground and the rain.

Rain in Night


Happy Man

An man is wearing a dark, textured sweater and has dark hair. The background is monochromatic and neutral, giving focus to the person in the foreground.


A man, dressed in a white and black shirt. He is wearing a white or gray shirt over his shoulders and a darker shirt underneath. The background is blurry and without detail, placing emphasis on the person in the foreground.


A man dressed in a hat and suspenders, with a bright background. The person is wearing a dark hat and white suspenders that cross over the chest. There is a piece of jewelry around the person's neck. The background is bright and shadowy, giving the picture a dramatic appearance.

Sunny day indoors

Woman with long hair. The background is dark and blurry, drawing focus to the person in the foreground.


A person dancing in the middle of a busy road in the Tingstad Tunnel, Gothenburg. It's in black and white, capturing a dynamic and dramatic scene. The individual is in the air, seemingly dancing or jumping, and is positioned in the center of the road. Cars are moving around the person, creating a sense of motion and urgency. The tunnel is illuminated by ceiling lights, casting shadows and highlights that amplify the intensity of the moment. The cars are blurry, indicating motion.


Black and White

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