Two people walking outdoors at night, holding each other's hands. One person is wearing a scarf and a coat. The other person is dressed in a jacket with visible layers underneath, it's cold weather and snow is falling around them. In the background, a warmly lit window can be seen, displaying some decorations and the reflection of a red neon sign on a Café.

La Bohème

A group of people is in a festive environment. They are dressed in clothes that suggest an earlier era, possibly the 1920s. The background is a richly decorated indoor setting with dark wood tones and red draperies. Chandeliers and other light sources give the image a warm tone. The people seem to be engaged in dance or other festive activity, with flowers and other decorations visible in the background.


A musical ensemble holding various musical instruments. The group consists of eight individuals posing against a dark, textured background. Each person is holding a musical instrument, including a violin, trumpet, and horn. They are dressed in formal black coats and trousers, with white shirts and neckties. One person is seated on a chair while the rest are standing or sitting on the floor. The lighting in the image is soft yet dramatic, giving the picture an artistic appearance.

Beethoven x 9

A woman in an elegant dress standing on a wide staircase with many steps. The individual is wearing an elegant, backless black dress. The staircase has sharp lines and shadows that create a pattern across the image. The photo is taken in black and white or has low color saturation, which gives it a dramatic and artistic expression.

Nina Stemme in Arabella

At the center stands a boy dressed in colorful clothing and wearing a hat. The individual holds a piece of fabric in orange and yellow. The person's face is hidden, but we can see that they are wearing a green jacket adorned with medals and red-checkered pants. A top hat adorns their head. Around the central figure, there are other people, also dressed in different costumes. Their attire includes blue and brown fabric. The background is misty, lending the picture a dramatic mood. The lighting is warm and casts shadows that highlight the details of the costumes and the environment.


Three individuals stand on a dark, foggy street within a historical setting. Their attire reflects the style of the 19th century. On the left, a woman dons a dress; to the right, a man is dressed in a suit, with a child in more casual, relaxed clothing in the middle. The backdrop reveals a dim, mist-filled lane flanked by historical buildings and street lamps casting a faint glow. A horse and carriage are further discernable in the background, indicating the scene represents a previous era. The atmosphere is somber and mystifying, amplified by the dim light and the shadows enveloping the figures and structures.


A choir dressed in black robes, standing in front of tall pillars and a colorful church window in the background. The atmosphere is dark and mysterious, and it appears they are located in a cathedral. Fog or smoke is visible at their feet, reinforcing the enigmatic mood in the image.


A choir donned in red robes, holding weapons; bows, swords and other medieval weapons are visible. They stand on rocky ground with ruins and a dark sky in the background. They are on an uneven, rocky surface that appears to be ruins. The backdrop presents a dark, stormy sky, creating a gloomy atmosphere.

Göteborgsoperans Kör

The opera 'Three Fragments from Juliette' is a captivating experience, where the surreal meets the lyrical in a dream-like sequence. The Gothenburg Opera House, with its state-of-the-art acoustics and intimate setting, provides the perfect backdrop for such a vivid portrayal. The performers, with their passionate delivery and exquisite timing, bring the haunting melodies and complex characters of the opera to life, leaving the audience spellbound by the sheer beauty of the production.


A woman whose one half of the face is young and the other is aged. She has light hair which is pulled up, and she's wearing a white pearl necklace around her neck. Her attire consists of a black dress or top with thin straps. The background is dark, creating a contrast against the person's light skin and hair as well as the black dress.


Göteborg Opera

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