Mama I’m Coming Home

A group of dancers in yellow shirts and dark pants leaning against a sloping surface. They are positioned in various stances, creating an artistic and dynamic visual effect. Their elongated shadows are prominently emerging on the surface, adding a dramatic touch to the composition. The background is dark, which highlights the subjects and their shadows. The lighting is focused on the individuals, emphasizing their clothes and creating distinct shadows.


Dancers in a dramatic and artistic pose, surrounded by smoke. They are in various positions, some appear to be lifted or floating in the air. Their clothing is simple and in neutral colors, which contributes to the image's remote quality. The lighting is evocative and atmospheric, with shadows and highlights emphasizing the individuals' forms and the surrounding smoke. The overall mood in the picture is intense and emotional, conveying a sense of movement and energy.

Dusk to Dawn

Two individuals in a dramatic dance pose surrounded by a cloud of smoke . They are illuminated from the side, casting parts of their bodies in shadow and highlighting their shapes against a dark background. The smoke lends a mysterious and surreal feel to the scene.


A man is carving a bust statue in a dark and dusty room. The person is wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt, gloves. The bust statue depicts a male figure with detailed facial features and musculature. In the background, more dancers can be seen, suggesting that this is taking place on a stage. The lighting in the room highlights the dust particles in the air and gives the scene an almost ethereal quality.


Two people hover in mid-air, performing a dance in motion against each other as they fly freely. The background is dark blue and blurred, focusing on the two contending figures. It's an intense snapshot of a thrilling dance.

Vaults of Heaven

A group of people in various poses, surrounded by large clouds of sand against a dark background. The group is dressed in neutral colors, mostly beige and brown. Some individuals are jumping up, while others are bending or extending their arms. The thick cloud of sand creates a dramatic effect, and the background is dark, strongly contrasting with the bright clouds and the clothing of the individuals. There is no distinct environment; the focus is entirely on the people and the swirling sand.

Dancers in Sand

Three individuals with bare upper bodies engaged in a close embrace in a dance. They are wearing white trousers. The background is filled with a smoky or cloudy texture with various shades of gray.

Dust to dust

Two individuals in a dynamic and expressive dance pose. They are surrounded by darkness, save for a beam of light that illuminates them and casts shadows on the floor. One person is dressed in orange pants, while the other wears patterned pants. The background is dark, highlighting the dancing figures. Shadows on the floor mirror the dynamic poses of the two individuals. The light is focused on the dancers, providing the image with a dramatic effect. There are multiple objects or people in the background that are not clearly visible.


GöteborgsOperans Danskompani

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